Presentation Submissions

Presentation Submissions

Interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise at one of the top events in the games industry? We welcome presentation submissions addressing external development in the areas of Art, Animation, Software Engineering, Audio, QA and Localization across all game platforms.

Topics within these areas could include the sharing of best practices that enables stronger teamwork, greater efficiencies in production or creating higher quality product for example. We also encourage “horror stories” in terms of what went terribly wrong, and what steps you took to get back on track.

In return for speaking, you receive a full complimentary pass to XDS, as well as an invitation to the annual XDS Speakers Dinner.

All submissions are reviewed by the XDS Advisory Committee. Past speaking experience is considered highly beneficial, but not a hard requirement. Checkout our YouTube channel for examples of past presentations.

Deadline for submissions is Thursday, June 6, 2019.


  • If applicable, please provide examples, in the form of web links, of past presentations you have done.
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