Jenny Weiss

Director of Product Development

Electronic Arts

Jenny is a Director of Product Development at Electronic Arts and part of the Worldwide Studios Content team driving innovation in computer graphics.  Jenny has been in the entertainment industry for 16 years and worked in leading companies across gaming, visual effects and feature animation.  Throughout this journey, she has managed various AAA title gaming, cinematics and marketing projects, lead teams through the launch of centralization and distributed development at EA Vancouver, pioneered the opening of Industrial Light & Magic’s Canadian studio, and produced VFX for Digital Domain.  Jenny has been graced with inspiring mentors throughout her career and strongly believes in giving back, through mentorship and by leading initiatives within EA to forge greater progress in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and opportunity for women.  Driven by a passion for creativity, quality, and crafting dynamic, high performing teams, Jenny now manages the organization building innovative CG character performance solutions for EA.