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Outcomes from XDS Ignite 2015!

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The following aims to capture key outcomes from XDS Ignite 2015 that took place on Mar 2-3 in San Francisco. This information is a result of focused group break-out sessions that explored key questions and proposed solutions to these areas. This can be used by content creators (developers/publishers) and external partners (vendors) as a means to further develop external development practices. Thank you to Sony (SCEA) for assisting in the creation of these documents.

Industry Advice on Testing External Partners

This document outlines challenges and proposes solutions to the process by which external partners are evaluated and selected for a specific project. Topic areas include steps and best practices for requirements gathering, communication, scheduling, testing, assessment and final selection.

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Tools That Enable External Development

This aims to look at the What, When, Why and How of using tools to effectively and efficiently manage external art development. It explores decision making process, top tools by area, gaps in functionality, and prioritized list what we would like to see improve.

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About XDS Ignite

XDS Ignite brings together a targeted group of professional buyers from across the games industry to build a network, address common challenges, and contemplate real-world solutions as relating to external development.

As in past years, XDS Ignite partners closely with Microsoft in order to successfully deliver the event. XDS Ignite is a fantastic opportunity for industry professionals to contribute to the advancement of our industry.