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Astrid HuntjensLicensing Manager   Spil Games

Astrid is Licensing Manager at Spil Games in Hilversum, the Netherlands. She lives and breathes content: starting out acquiring and producing casual web content, she is now dedicated to licensing and producing mobile games. With a background in game design, she has provided Spil’s web audience with several games designed and produced by her, and she continues to do so for mobile. 


We asked Astrid to answer a few fun questions; her answers might surprise you!

XDS: What’s your hidden talent?

Astrid: Honestly, I got mad Tetris skills – boring summers will bring the best out of you!

XDS: What’s an interesting fact about yourself?

Astrid: Being passionate about writing and all, I started a text-based fantasy RPG on a message board when I was 12 (it ran for 6 years). The perfect outlet during a trial called high school…