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Colby AcreeOutsource Manager  WB Games

Colby’s career in games and entertainment started over seventeen years ago working on original Xbox launch titles as well as other games, film and TV spots at Viewpoint Data labs. Over the years Colby has had the opportunity to work with EA, Take Two, Sony, National Geographic, Porsche, Disney and now WB – In various art roles and capacities. Colby has been mainly focused on art side of External Development for the last seven years. This has allowed him to work with some of the biggest and best external dev teams in the industry to create amazing games for the kids and family space.


We asked Colby to answer a few fun questions; his answers might surprise you!

XDS: What was your first job?

Colby: I cleaned out greasy restaurant ventilation systems. It taught me to work hard and keep things clean.

XDS: What was your nickname as a kid?

Colby: I’ve had a few different nicknames over the years. Here they are in chronological order:
Colby Cheese, Colb’s, Cobra-Kai and now, Cobra