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Matt RegnierInnovator   Apple

Matt has developed a solid background in External Development and Art Direction over his 10+ years working for LucasArts and WB Games. During this time, Matt was an instrumental and guiding force in redefining what outsourcing was. He helped to raise the quality bar, improve consistency, provide technical feedback, and evangelize external vendors. He managed all aspects of outsource production: vendor selection, contract creation, technical and aesthetic review.


We asked Matt to answer a few fun questions; his answers might surprise you!

XDS: What’s on the top of your bucket list?

Matt: Ride a horse.  I know I probably had several opportunities to do this as a kid growing up around all the farmland in northwest Indiana but have yet to do so.

XDS: What’s your hidden talent?

Matt: Reciting the alphabet backwards in record speed.  My Great Grandmother taught all the kids their alphabet backwards so I’ve been able to speed recite it backwards since around age five.  

Bonus hidden talent…I have ridiculous talent for storing completely useless things in my long term memory capacity.  I can recite the entire Mel Brooks movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights from title to end.  Additionally, I have a used car commercial from the Chicagoland area memorized that was frequently played during Saturday morning cartoons as a kid!