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Join us in the fight against climate change by sponsoring XDS’s carbon friendly offsetting and sustainable event practices. The sustainability sponsor will echo throughout the event and will be integral to the measures XDS takes to secure its spot as one of the gaming industry’s most sustainable events. As a brand, positioning yourself as a climate action leader provides double value: demonstrating your engagement while promoting your company in front of the industry. Together we can make a difference!

What’s included:

  • Exclusivity
  • Logo placement on sustainability page on the XDS website
  • Logo placement at the event on designated event signage 
  • Logo placement at the event on signage tower side dedicated to sustainability
  • Recognition as XDS’s Sustainability Sponsor on Main Stage screens 
  • Host “shout-out” on Main Stage to Sustainability Sponsor 
  • 1 x pre-event newsletter inclusion announcing partnership on sustainability 
  • 1 x post-event newsletter inclusion outlining the final sustainability successes from the event 
  • 1 x Social Post inclusion focused on sustainability
  • Gold sponsorship in all marketing materials:
    • Logo on XDS website
    • Logo on onsite signage
    • Logo on general session screens