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Roundtable: Getting in the Door: A Discussion for Service Provider Preparedness

This session will focus on service provider preparedness, being ready for the requirements of the onboarding and engagement process with buyers. There are many things to consider when reaching out to a buyer, and requirements can range from company to company. Everyone benefits when Providers know these steps and come prepared when making contact with Buyers.

With this in mind, this session will begin with a short panel which will bring together veteran service providers and buyers to discuss the various things a potential partner can do before first contact. The conversation will then turn to an open roundtable style discussion in which everyone in the session has a chance to ask questions and discuss solutions with the panel and their peers in a moderated open forum.

We will cover topics around cybersecurity, insurance, contract negotiations, portfolios and services kept up to date, what is the best way to get noticed, etc. Basically a compendium of considerations for buyers and sellers so that everyone is better prepared. Onboarding can be complex, come explore how we can streamline the process through transparency.

The takeaway for all attendees is a better understanding of preparation before contact and setting requirement expectations early on for both sides of the relationship.

NOTE: Due to space limitations we can only accommodate 50 attendees. Sign-up is required.