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Revolutionize Vendor Growth & Opportunities

If someone says what you can do exceptionally well in your role, it’s the ability to turn our external partners from capable to extraordinary. Vendors are all different across the world in how they operate, produce, and grow. How can you revolutionize the way you work with vendors in creating new opportunities for the advancement of your content. In the presentation, I will be presenting key pillars from taking a small studio to evolving them to be a cornerstone of our production:

Growth of Core Content
When starting with a small company, they usually have a focus area or specialization. We will utilize for that core function and put additional resources in place to help grow the skills to adapt to a more advanced workflow.

Domain Piloting
The core content is a high starting point, but what other content areas can be expanded? Taking some pilot content and using the same supporting resources to explore areas for expanded growth.

Pressure Testing
Now that we have genuinely mastered top quality content production, what pressure levels can we scale too? How do we work with the vendor on building a training plan for talent growth and retention?