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Roundtable: External Development Basics: Demystifying the Process for New and Nervous Teams

Not all development studios understand the challenges or opportunities external development presents. Many feel reluctant to welcome outside talent, while others are willing but not sure how to get started. This combined presentation and roundtable aims to provide an outline for explaining to the members of your studio who may have reservations the value of enlisting partners, how to address the team’s often reasonable anxieties, and best practices for avoiding pitfalls.

The presentation will cover the goals of engaging external help, why it’s important to align your team on priorities as you plan, basic techniques to build valuable production relationships, and the steps necessary to go from identifying a need to kicking off new work. Takeaways will include a framework for introducing external development to your team, some lessons to share with them, and tips to prevent common headaches.

Following the presentation the round table discussion will solicit alternative views on goals, techniques, war stories and best practices.