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Roundtable: How The Ext Dev Community Can Power A UN Initiative To Take Climate Action Through Games

Empowering the External Development Community to Drive UN Climate Initiatives

Games harness a unique power to quickly and effectively rally people worldwide for climate action. At XDS, Caroline Calaway will lead a roundtable to build on the momentum she helped generate at a United Nations roundtable earlier this year, where a plan was set in motion to launch a global in-game survey assessing climate sentiment. This initiative, started by the games x climate non-profit PlanetPlay, aims to collect crucial data to influence UN policymakers in keeping global temperature rises within the 1.5-degree limit set by the Paris Agreement.

The XDS session will focus on brainstorming strategies to not only amplify the results of the survey to encourage further participation from other game companies but also to explore broader engagement tactics. Participants will discuss how the external development community can continue to drive and sustain climate action across the gaming industry. This roundtable will serve as a strategic platform for discussing innovative ways to embed climate action into our projects and partnerships, fostering a unified industry commitment to environmental sustainability.