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Table-Topic: Ask Games Lawyers Anything: External Development Edition!

Have you been pondering an interesting legal question but haven’t had the opportunity to ask? In that case, please join us for an AMA with experienced (and very friendly!) in-house and external lawyers where you’ll have a chance to ask and discuss legal questions regarding external development. All are welcome from across the external development landscape.

To prime the discussion, our panelists will begin with a brief presentation on some of the top legal issues facing the industry today and then the floor will be yours to ask away! Some sample topics include: publishing agreements, corporate issues (such as founding a new studio or pub!), AI and copyright, employment issues (non-competes, remote work, overtime, and more!), Web3 integration, chance based reward mechanics (lootboxes, gacha, etc.), user generated content, and developments in consumer protection law, including dark patterns.

On top of these legal questions, we are also happy to answer any questions that you may have about working with lawyers in general, whether they be members of your in-house team or external counsel (including how to do so in a cost and time efficient manner!). That all being said, we want to answer and discuss the issues that are most important to you, so please feel free to truly ask us anything!