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Table-Topic: Build Effective Partnerships – Take your Outsource Vendor with You! Presented by Room 8 Group

Growing demand on external studios is higher than ever to deliver more content better and faster. The surge of higher fidelity new consoles and new platforms will continue to increase complexity. The industry is asking for expanding distributed development and content creation. Driving cost down is a factor but not always. As an industry we must have the ability to turn our external partners from capable to extraordinary. We need to transform our vendors to partners across the world. Outsource partners that operate, produce, and grow as an extension of the overall project will deliver better results with less friction.

In this session we will discuss the obstacles and challenges that get in our way of achieving our mutual objectives and supporting healthy, growing external partners. Main areas of discussion will focus on; methods to know your teams on both sides, understanding different working styles, and how to allow your vendor to grow with you.

This Table-Topic will reference points addressed in the earlier presentation from Ryan Faraji on “Revolutionize Vendor Growth & Opportunities”

Recommended attendees: All are welcome