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Table-Topic: DIstributed, Global Wokforces, presented by Room 8 Group

For the first time ever genuine remote game development isn’t just for indies and freelancers, but studios of all shapes and sizes as well. The question is no longer if remote development outside the office is possible, but if developers are ever actually going to go back? ? What started out as a fire drill full of technical and communication hurdles has swiftly become the “new norm”, with reports indicating the vast majority of developers want to maintain an in-studio/remote time split even after it is safe to return to an office setting.

So then, what does it mean to be a truly distributed workforce? We’re not talking about Studio A in Seattle, Partner A in Malaysia, and Partner B in Belarus – we’re talking 100-500+ people comprised of both internal and external teams around the world all working remotely long-term (post Covid). What are the concerns/risks? How do we collectively overcome them and adapt production pipelines? What are the benefits? How does breaking down the need for punching in/out of a physical location un-gate talent utilization, efficiency gains, and work/life balance for everyone involved shipping a product?

It’s time to stop thinking about things in terms of “what we do now” and start talking about how we all embrace the next chapter in how games are developed.

Recommended attendees: All are welcome