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Table-Topic: Diverse Communities, Consumers, and Creators: Driving Inclusivity in the Global Games Industry

Once upon a time, inclusivity in games was relegated to consumers possibly getting an additional in-game character choice as an option. Now, Developers, Publishers, and Service Providers are working every day to bring diverse lead characters and stories to the forefront, with new creators and ways of developing games growing exponentially around the world. Service Providers are in a unique position to grow this talent at their companies and create opportunities for diverse storytelling with their Developer clients. How can we, as Developers and Service Providers, work together to best foster this in the global games industry?

In this Table-Topic, we’ll discuss how distributed global teams are pioneering in this space, and how Service Providers and their clients can work together to think about the needs of all types of consumers who are playing their games today. We’ll share experiences we’ve had, and brainstorm ideas together for driving inclusivity further in the games industry.