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Table-Topic: Doing More with Less: How Service Providers can Compete for the Best Gaming Talent

In an industry where attracting top talent and competing against industry giants are paramount concerns, join us for an engaging discussion that will equip service providers in the gaming industry with practical strategies to excel. Using real-world examples and a case study approach, we will explore how Keywords Studios transformed their recruitment efforts, achieving remarkable success in meeting their project requirements.

Explore the benefit of crafting a compelling employer brand and effective candidate messaging to attract top talent. Discover the advantages of proactive recruitment strategies, outshining competitors and securing the best talent available. Harness the transformative potential of cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, to turbocharge your recruitment efforts and make informed decisions swiftly. Unleash the power of talent intelligence through data-driven insights and analytics, enabling strategic hires aligned with your organizational goals.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights, expert guidance, and actionable strategies to effectively compete and attract top talent in the gaming industry. Join us for a dynamic discussion that will empower you to unlock success in talent acquisition.