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Table-Topic: Durable Developers: Co-Ownership Models in External Development

Radical Durability: Worker Ownership in ExDev

Emerging from a turbulent year, the case for cooperatives, B Corps, and tenets of worker democracy has never been clearer: organizations that directly invest their workforce attract top talent, build durable partnerships, and possess greater tools to weather adversity. However, scaling these models presents significant challenges and demands intensive focus on company culture.
Wild Blue Studios has operated as a fully worker-owned cooperative providing art services to AAA titles for nearly 7 years. In this session, founder and studio director, Eli Allen will address the two most common questions that arise in conversations around worker ownership : “What exactly is that?” and, “Why on earth would you choose to do it?”
Join us in this forum to explore how principals of worker ownership can be applied to strengthen your service org and why you should care about it when shopping for vendor partners.