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Table-Topic: Ensuring Development Alignment: How?

In last year’s XDS Insights Report, on the top 5 issues encountered by Developers/Publishers and by Services Providers, we can find, respectively, communication challenges and inadequate documentation and direction as the number 2 concern for both parties. At the same time, most of the Developers/Publishers keep the same partners over the years in more than 50% of the cases, so it can be assumed that some partnerships find a way of working well together. Factors such as communication style, team dynamics, and project methodologies can contribute to this discrepancy.

Wildlife Studios and Puga invite you to understand how we have been working together in the past 3 years over 6 different games. We have key people on both sides, like External Development Managers, Art Directors and Producers, that play a vital role in supporting teams and ensuring success by facilitating clear and aligned expectations and actively engaging with both parties, as well as making sure we are finding the best technical solutions.

By having both Services Providers and Developers/ Publishers contribute to this session, we hope to learn from each other’s perspectives on how to improve alignment in a partnership and to leverage the collective experiences and insights of the participants, aiming to foster a better understanding of these dynamics and to contribute to the continual improvement of processes within our industry.