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Table-Topic: From Good to Great: How to get to the Next Level in the Eyes of an Acquirer

The Asymmetry of a Deal: A Compass to Navigate the Unknown

So much of the video games industry is made up of studios that were born out of passion, of need, of ambition, of serendipity. Behind each studio is an entrepreneur, who built teams and businesses around those teams. As time goes by, founders look at the road they trekked and at the path that lies ahead, and regardless of how it all started, they start to think about what is the next level for the studio.

A common denominator is the desire to see the studio flourish – to see the brand associated with quality, to witness those teams grow (personally and professionally), to pass the test of time, to become a reference. But it’s not an easy journey, full of ups and downs, and as a studio evolves and grows, having a partner that can help wither the storms and seize more opportunities becomes an important consideration.

When thinking about partnering with a potential acquiror, there is always an asymmetry of information. So what how does a potential partner think? What do they look for that is less evident? In this session we’ll provide an informed view of an acquirer’s framework, the dimensions in which they may think and assess, the tangibles and intangibles, the pre and the post-transaction, alongside with practical tips on how to get yourself and your studio ready for a successful transaction – pre and post deal. We’ll also explore some perspectives on what is shaping the service provider market – from technology to geography – equipping you with a more comprehensive understanding of this ever-changing landscape.