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Table-Topic: How to Scale a Niche Services Company or (How to Scale Without Breaking the Thing You Love)

How do you grow a niche Service Partner company and not break it in the process?

In this Table Topic, we will dig into the subject of culture and leadership; its relevance when you’re a 3-person startup, where it comes from and how it evolves as our companies grow. There are 100’s of books and articles on these subjects, but is the essence to be found in academic books? Or is the answer to be found in the lived experiences we have, learning from our mistakes as we go. Are current leadership styles worthy of the hype and is there even any place for vulnerability and authenticity at the top, especially in the current climate?

Participation in this discussion will provide insight to new Service Partners looking to grow and establish themselves. Developers and Publishers can also get a window into the world of a small startup trying to gain trust and find their place within the industry. Here is an opportunity to share knowledge on how we navigate growth and the pain points that we meet along the way.