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Table-Topic: Lost in Transition: How Outsource Manager Turnover Impacts Developers and Vendors Alike

Developers and vendors face many challenges when an Outsource Manager departs. In today’s climate, we are seeing even higher rates of mobility and attrition in these roles which has become more prevalent due to industry layoffs and game cancellations. Following the panel discussion held earlier in the week, we will continue to dig deeper into the reasons behind this mobility, the risks and impacts that arise when this role turns over, and ideas on how to help mitigate these risks on both sides of the equation. The goal of the table topic is to have a safe, more intimate space to explore possibilities for mitigating project disruption, emphasizing the need for collaboration between developers and vendors in addressing this issue – and walk away with actionable change. Join us in exploring this discussion with a diverse group representing both sides of external development, swap stories, and emphasize the value of exploring strategies to better support our Outsource Managers. XDS was set up to tackle tough topics that directly effect the business of external development, and we look forward to addressing this one with the people it effects most – you.