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Table-Topic: Managing Client Expectations – A Vendor Focused Working Session, presented by Room 8 Group 

For this vendor focused Table-Topic, we will discuss the challenges that we experience as service providers, potential pitfalls to avoid, and share successful tools + techniques which will make us more effective at achieving the creative goals of our projects and expectations of our partners.

Together, we’ll cover topics such as:  How to maintain schedules against the world clock, Managing multiple channels of communications, Managing upwards – how to help organize projects which may not have a set of established processes, and Collaborating with your client through feedback loops.

Having managed small conference roundtables in the past, we’ll have a selection of pre-seeded questions to keep dialogue moving, but, as a working session, topics may shift organically during the hour. Participants will be expected to share experiences and be active.  As a follow-up, a summary of points will be published for the XDS community.

Recommended attendees: Service Providers