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Table-Topic: Putting Words into Action: Respectful Representation in Narrative, presented by Room 8 Group

#RepresentationMatters now more than ever. This table topic is designed to give development teams clear and actionable ways to increase representation–both behind the scenes and on-screen.
This is not a discussion on why we SHOULD be more inclusive or why we NEED more representation, those times have passed. The IGDA found in the 2019 edition of its annual survey that among game developers worldwide:

81% identify as “white/Caucasian/European”
7% identify as “Hispanic/Latinx”
2% identify as “Black/African-American/African/Afro-Caribbean”

We only have NOW to take action and to elevate underrepresented voices.

A few of the actionable items we’ll be covering include:

Get Specific!
Allow BIPOC & LGBTQ+ folx to lead
Engage Partners
Equity in Rates
Create with Intention
Think Globally
Create Safe Communities for your Community

Recommended attendees: All are welcome