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Table-Topic: Setting a Standard for an Ethical / Sustainable Game Development Future

Building Influence for Sustainable Development Through Ext Dev
In a table topic facilitated by Sam Carlisle at XDS Ignite in March, participants explored the idea of a sustainable development model that leverages external development. Sustainable development, in this context, refers to game development practices that prioritize predictable, reliable revenue and a steady approach to growth.

In this session, we will briefly recap the key takeaways from the March discussion and build on those ideas. Key questions to explore might include: Can a sustainable development model that leverages external development be effectively implemented within AAA development? How can we build influence within our companies toward adopting a more sustainable development model? Is it possible to demonstrate that leveraging external development for a sustainable future benefits all stakeholders?

Participants will engage in a collaborative, exploratory discussion, gaining insights into advocating for sustainable development that promotes steady growth and job security while leveraging the benefits of external development.