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Table-Topic: Taking Control of Crunch – What Would Beyoncé Do? Presented by PTW

If there was an easy solution to solving for crunch, we should have found it by now, right? While we consider ourselves industry experts, the irony is that the more experience and knowledge we have in an area the more difficult it becomes to avoid taking the same approach instead of arriving at something new and out-of-the-box. One way to look at problems and solutions with fresh eyes is to remove our limitations by taking a look from perspectives outside our industry.

In this Table Topic, we’ll take a different approach to talking about crunch by taking on the personas of people, super heroes, and companies that have nothing to do with game development. Beyoncé doesn’t just say girls run the world, she puts her words into action by assembling her own all-female backing band to inspire young girls. In the second half of this exercise, we’ll devise directions based on these fresh ideas that both Service Providers and Developers can take as first steps to inspire change over the next year. After all, if Beyoncé can’t fix crunch, who can?

Note for Participants: Please be aware that there will be attendees viewing this session as you contribute your thoughts and ideas.