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Table-Topic: Watch, Play, Engage: The Intersection of Hollywood, Gaming, and Brands

Join us for an enlightening session with Territory Studio co-founder Marti Romances who will focus on the art of motion design for film, games, IPs, and real-world brands. This Table-Topic is a must-attend for anyone passionate about the latest advancements in technology, user experience (UX) design, interactive media, and innovative creativity.

Marti will explore the intersection of technology, creativity, and human-centric design, discussing the challenges and opportunities experienced working on films, games, and brands. Topics include the key to designing for a positive user experience; the need for forward-facing ideation and prototyping; how to pioneer the use of new technologies that are revolutionizing the gaming experience; and, how the lines between spectacle, immersion, and brand identity are becoming increasingly blurred with the rise of extended reality (XR).

Don’t miss this journey into the future on how to create unforgettable experiences in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and design. This session promises to engage a diverse audience of designers, UX professionals, tech enthusiasts, creative minds, futurists, innovators, gamers, entertainment industry professionals, business leaders, and ethical design advocates.