XDS Sustainability Vision

XDS Sustainability Vision 

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XDS is dedicated to reducing its impact on the environment. As we prepare to gather in person again, we will be improving our robust sustainable event practices in order to claim our spot as one of the video game industry’s most sustainable events. 

Through attentive planning around carbon emissions, waste, menu curation and manufacturing, we will continue on this journey of sustainability and do our part to keep our own world as beautiful as the expansive worlds we create in our games.

For this year's XDS 2022, we are proud to have our sustainability vision powered by Globant.

Carbon Emissions

External Development Summit (XDS) 2022 will be a climate friendly event. XDS 2022 will work with Ostrom Climate Solutions, Canada’s leading carbon management solutions provider, to understand our greenhouse gas emissions. We will offset the emissions equivalent to our onsite operations as well as the emissions from travel and hotel stays for event staff, speakers and volunteers. By contributing to projects that remove the equivalent amount of emissions from the atmosphere, these emissions sources will be carbon neutral. Ostrom Climate’s projects are verified and validated by third parties to ensure that the emission reductions are real, additional, and permanent. We’re proud to do business while taking action on climate change.

What does this mean for you?
It means that by attending XDS you can feel proud that your participation is helping to facilitate climate action. Click HERE to learn more about the diverse projects that XDS is supporting around the globe to mitigate our climate impact. We’re proud to do business while taking action on climate change.

Accommodation + Food

We’ve chosen Parq Vancouver, a Green Key certified venue, as our official event venue and accommodation partner. 

Not only will the chefs at Parq be curating a menu that is as local and sustainable as possible, but we will be further reducing our emissions and water usage by committing to hosting at least one vegetarian evening event meal. 

What does this mean for you?
It means that by staying at a Green Key certified hotel you are supporting an organization that has achieved a leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operations. They are making operational changes to hotel practices that create meaningful impact.

Signage, Badges & Lanyards

As in past years we will continue to work with our signage and accreditation partners to come up with innovative and sustainable ways to transform our event space with minimal impact. 

On top of which, we’ll be doing a full event signage audit and look to print as much signage as possible on recyclable materials, eliminating signs that could be replaced with digital content, and reusing signage where possible. 

What does this mean for you?
It means we’ll be thoughtful in everything we create and that when you check into registration you’ll receive badges that are fully recyclable, lanyards made from bamboo and hotel key cards fabricated from cardboard!

Single Use Plastics + Waste

Working with our venue we will ensure our waste is kept to a minimum by creating bright and informative waste stream signage in order to streamline our waste diversion rate, and eliminate recyclable or compostable items that would otherwise have gone to a landfill. 

What does this mean for you?
It means you won’t see any single use plastic water bottles, cups, bags, containers or cup lids at XDS!  And we’ll be working with our sponsors to ensure no single-use plastics giveaways are distributed either.  If needed, we’ll be sourcing compostable to-go cups and packaging that is compatible with our venue's waste management processing systems.


If we aren’t saying anything, the assumption is we’re doing nothing.  

And we want to ensure all of our attendees and the broader community know the steps we are taking to ensure we keep XDS 2022 as sustainable as possible.  We’ll continue to develop robust internal and external communications around our sustainability vision in order to educate and encourage our sponsors, attendees and production suppliers to join us on this journey. 

What does this mean for you?
It means in the run up to XDS you’ll be hearing a lot more from us in newsletters and over social media about our plans to tackle elements of our environmental footprint and ways you can help us on our mission to becoming one of the video game industry’s most sustainable events!

JW Marriott Parq – Green Key Hotel Designation