Wladia Summers has forged a successful and distinguished career in video game development and production, with 25 years of experience working on a multitude of games launched globally on an array of platforms. She has proven track records in building QA teams worldwide and establishing solid processes, negotiating initiatives, enhancing performance, building partnerships, improving quality, reducing costs and generating revenue. Wladia has brought her expertise to such well-known companies as Kabam as the Head of Worldwide Central QA and Konami Digital Entertainment as Senior Director of Quality Assurance to Vivendi Games as Quality Assurance Brand Manager. She also founded and served as President and CEO of her own firm, ZS Quality, which provided QA outsourcing, customer service, technical support, fulfillment and operations services to small and middle-sized companies. Today, Wladia serves as the Head of Global Operations at Red Cerberus where she built the organization and manages the company’s operations and delivery of Functionality, Certification, Localization and Translations services.