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Table-Topic: How your personal journey is a superpower in External Development relationships?

In this Table Topic Discussion, we will be having an interactive discussion about the untapped possibilities of utilizing your Personal Journey, International Travel Experiences, and Cultural Background in your interactions with Clients & External Partners. Exploring ways these distinctive elements can be employed to foster robust and enduring relationships.

My own cultural background is unique as I have parents from opposite coasts in India. I will be sharing how this has helped me in the Games Industry in the United States and India. This will be the springboard invitation for participants of the table topic session to provide their own experiences and have a discussion about how our cultural background and unique personal journeys should be employed as an important communication strategy with your external vendor partners.

We will capture the participants’ own unique stories and backgrounds and leverage our personal journey experiences to break through subtle nuances of communication barriers and craft a summary and action plan to share after the conference.