13 Jul 2021 | By XD Summit | News | XDS Gives Back

As external development continues to advance year after year, XDS Gives Back returns to our roots by supporting a major foundation of play: the playgroundèThis year, we’re excited to share that XDS21 Adapt has partnered with Canadian-based non......

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23 Sep 2020 | By XD Summit | News | XDS Gives Back

As XDS20 Adapt evolved to become a virtual event for 2020, the platform has enabled us to create an inclusive environment to further the advancement of external development for the video game industry This year, we are grateful to donate $15,000 USD ......

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15 Dec 2018 | By XD Summit | News | XDS Gives Back

The XDS 2018 event was a smash success by bringing 600 industry professionals together to share knowledge, network effectively and build communities of practiceThis holiday season we are grateful to be able to donate a total of $25,000 to two very ......

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06 Jun 2018 | By XD Summit | News | XDS Gives Back

XDS is so proud to have partnered with Canada Learning Code (CLC) to bring Canada the fifth annual Girls Learning Code Day XDS worked with CLC to help define a brand new format for this annual event - a collaborative game production workshop In the t......

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06 Mar 2018 | By XD Summit | News | XDS Gives Back

Our charitable partner for XDS 2017 - Canada Learning Code; piloted their very first Collaborative Game Production workshop in Vancouver last weekend The format of workshop was created (with XDS input), to represent the way games are made today – w......

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12 Jul 2017 | By XD Summit | News | XDS Gives Back

Building on last year’s charitable initiative, where we partnered with the SFU School of Interactive Arts and Technology to create the XDS Award in Gaming This year, we are partnering with Ladies Learning Code to give back to the community while he......

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