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Table-Topic: Scarcity of Talent, Attrition, and How to Mitigate, Presented by PTW

The number one concern listed on this year’s XDS Insights Report was “scarcity of talent.” This is because of the perfect storm of demand that’s happened in the past 1-2 years. Primarily, the console transition that requires devs to support more hardware platforms (in addition to streaming platforms), and a spike in sales performance during COVID, driving devs to deliver more content than ever before, including new/iterative titles and LiveOps. And, as always, there’s a desire to minimize cost of production. The impact is far-reaching; our QA teams are reporting higher than average bugs across the board as the development process is rushed to deliver new content.

All of this has dramatically increased demand for services beyond anything we’ve experienced. The demand has, in turn, created a scarcity of talent for service providers, meaning we are clearly going through a seller’s-market period. This is all to say that ‘attrition’ on the side of a service provider has a significant impact on quality and efficiency, and therefore, a negative impact on the client project.

PTW will host a discussion around this topic aimed at all attendees who are feeling the impact of attrition on their business or engagements, and would like to share insights or seek solutions.

Note for Participants: Please be aware that there will be attendees viewing this session as you contribute your thoughts and ideas.