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Table-Topic: Unlocking the Power: Leveraging Generative AI for Game Production Success!

This is a follow-up session of our successful XDS ’22 generative AI for 3D objects table topic discussion, it is also applicable for all new joiners:

One topic that has seen significant developments in the past year is AI for the Art pipeline.
The intersection of AI and art has opened up new possibilities and challenges in various creative industries, from visual arts to multimedia production. Our discussion will delve into the latest advancements in AI-powered tools and techniques for the art pipeline, exploring how these advancements have transformed the creative process and where we are heading in the future. We will also address the ethical implications of AI in art, including issues such as authorship, attribution, and copyright, and discuss how Endava positions itself in the AI copyright debate.

Efficiency and creativity are paramount in the game production process, and AI has been increasingly utilized to streamline and enhance various aspects of game development. During our discussion, we will share best practices and tips & tricks on how to leverage AI to improve efficiency and unleash creativity in the game production process. From procedural content generation to automated testing and bug detection, AI has the potential to revolutionize game development workflows, and we will explore the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in this field.

As AI becomes more sophisticated and autonomous, it is crucial to establish mechanisms to keep control over AI systems. During our discussion, we will talk about controlling AI and share insights on how to create controlling software layers around AI, making AI “speak out loudly,” and other practical approaches to ensure human oversight and accountability in AI systems. We will also explore various strategies to mitigate the risks associated with bias, fairness, and transparency in AI, as well as the impact on peoples jobs and discuss the role of responsible AI practices in shaping the future of AI deployment.

We look forward to a stimulating and informative discussion on these important topics with fellow AI experts. Your expertise and insights will be invaluable in shaping the conversation and fostering a deeper understanding of the current state and future directions of AI in the creative industry, copyright debate, game production process, and AI control. Join us to exchange ideas, share experiences, and collectively contribute to the advancement of AI knowledge and practice.