Marti Romances is Creative Director and co-founder at Territory Studio in San Francisco. Born and educated in Barcelona, Marti draws from a range of influences, disciplines, and perspectives to design breakout content for gaming, film, brand and digital clients.

A motion graphic designer and multi-media artist by trade, Marti articulates stories in the most captivating ways, blending creativity with technology to realize innovative future-facing experiences.

Marti’s technical virtuosity is on display in fantasy, futuristic, and commercial projects, visual and experiential narratives that define the future of film, gaming, and real world objects.

His work on Ex Machina, Blade Runner 2049, The Martian, Avengers franchise as well as extensive gaming work for EA Sports, 2K, Monolith Games, and Microsoft has attracted brands such as Nike, GM, Lotus, Jaguar, Mercedes, Oculus, EA Sports, Warner Bros. Games, Netflix, LIV Golf, and Microsoft seeking his design work for use in real-world technology. Beyond memorable visual effects and digital experiences, Marti serves as an inspirational speaker, sharing his thoughts and experiences on design and creativity at events such as SXSW, Siggraph, MWC, Nike Immersion Labs, XDS, and OFFF.

“Our clients force us to reinvent ourselves,” explains Marti on the task of combining story, design, and technology.

“Rather than repeating the same thing we like to be challenged. Each job needs something different, and it is exactly because of this variety that we flex with ideas and continue to grow. We have the vision to tackle challenges from an upper level. It’s understanding the problem at hand and thinking deeper about solutions.”