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XDS Webinar Series – Edition 6: 4-Steps for Successful Due Diligence in the New Normal

The XDS webinar series continues to shine a light on topics that are highly relevant to the times we now faced with. This upcoming edition is no exception.

The slides to this presentation can be accessed here.

Description: The XDS Special Report on the Impact of COVID-19 on External Development states that 94% of Service Providers are allowing their staff to work from home to mitigate risk following the COVID-19 outbreak. In this webinar we will analyze, identify and evaluate risk using XDS data to help compile a consistent Due Diligence framework, with a focus on risk mitigation whilst working from home. This session will be useful for Developers, Publishers, Suppliers, or anyone hoping to learn more about External Development fundamentals for Video Games.

Speaker: Carla Rylance, External Development Manager, The Coalition – XBOX Game Studios

Who should attend? Those on the developer side who are involved in performing or reviewing partner due diligence,  and those from service providers who are responsible for risk mitigation during this pandemic.