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GLC Collaborative Game Production Workshop

Our charitable partner for XDS 2017 – Canada Learning Code; piloted their very first Collaborative Game Production workshop in Vancouver last weekend. The format of workshop was created (with XDS input), to represent the way games are made today – with external partners, distributed development, and lots of collaboration!

26 girls, ages 9-12, gathered together for a full day of coding and fun – working collaboratively to build a video game that addressed the declining bee population.

After the girls arrived and settled down, they kicked-off the workshop by brainstorming a game theme and name (Bee Rescue!), and creating a collective Game Design Document (GDD). The group was then divided into smaller teams, with each group having difference task to complete. This empowered the girls to explore the game industry by experiencing what it’s like to work on different project teams, within a variety roles.  The different teams were: audio (script writing, recording, background music etc. using SoundTrap), artworks (creating game assets, and marketing materials), and production + game-building (using Scratch ).

At the end of the experience, teams combined their individual projects to reveal a series of video game levels that they could share with family and friends – and continue to work on in their own time after the event.

The primary intended outcomes of the workshop were:

  • To show girls that there are many different ways to work in the games industry; from sound design and marketing to script writing and programming
  • To inspire girls and empower them to believe that they can choose a career in tech
  • Work with a team to find creative solutions to problems
  • Use technology to create social change
  • Better explain the game development process
  • Apply personal interests and skills within the game industry
  • Use the tools, languages, and programs learned to KEEP CODING!
  • ..and of course, to have fun!


We can’t wait for the next Collaborative Game Production workshop! We’ll keep you updated on our channels, but be sure to check out Canada Learning Code, and sign-up for their newsletter to be notified of upcoming workshops in your area.