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2024 XDS Insights Report on External Development

We are incredibly excited to release this year’s XDS Insights Report on External Development. The report is intended to identify trends in external development and offer valuable insights into the key challenges facing buyers and sellers.

This edition of the report examines the impact hashtag Artificial Intelligence has on external development, now and into the future. Many call it the game industry’s latest big disruptor, but where does AI fit within the landscape of external development?

Don’t miss out – access this invaluable industry data and gain deeper insights into the future of external development.
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Special thanks goes out to:
Guest Author: Abigail Canavese, Assistant Director of 
Co-Development Success, Virtuos
Co-Author: Chris Wren, Founder, Executive Director, External Development Summit (XDS), Co-Founder, XDS Spark
Contributing Analyst: Nathaniel Tze Kai Tan, Data Analyst, Virtuos
Character Artwork: Pixel Mafia Ltd. and 1518 Studios, Inc.