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Table-Topic: Driving Creativity and Ideation from the Other Side of the Fence

Given the proliferation of remote development in recent years, technical barriers have come crumbling down and yet many developers still often find themselves clinging to the mindset “what we do here creatively couldn’t possibly be understood or done outside of these walls”…why is that? How can we get to a point where partnerships are viewed as a source of creative chemistry and fresh ideas, pushing aside the antiquated notion that innovation can only be found in-house? What are the steps external partners should take to be more prepared to take on an active role in the creative process?

In this roundtable session we’ll share stories of successes, challenges, and failures on the topic of distributed Creative CoDevelopment from early prototyping through final polish. We’ll explore why we all still at times hold fast to partnership constructs of the past, and discuss how we can take strides towards harnessing & maximizing the potential of cross-studio creative collaboration.