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Table-Topic: The Future of Art & AI in Game Production

From cave paintings to text-to-image transformer models, we are embarked on a fast-evolving process that opens incredible perspectives for the creation of high-quality digital assets. How can game studios leverage AI assisted methods in the coming years?

In this table-talk we’ll explore the future of AI in game production and showcase a research project where Endava’s R&D team approached 3D digital content creation leveraging the latest AI models. First, we will describe our motivation and innovative approach to text to 3D creation. We will discuss the state of the art creations that our method produces but also some limitations of the technology.

In the second part, we’d like to spark a discussion about how such approaches can helps artists ideate and generate 3D objects that can populate the future metaverses. With questions like:

• What style of game or what type of game is AI going to subsume first in terms of content creation?
• How can you leverage research to push forward on your innovation and increase efficiency at the same time?
• What if AGI comes out? Are we moving in the right direction, or will we never even get there?
• How would we know if AI generated something? And if AI did it and it took half the time then should it be half the cost?