26 Aug 2020 | By XD Summit |

Dave is a seventeen year veteran of business & creative development for games, film, and television In 2018 Dave joined Phoenix Labs, where he specializes in connecting internal challenges with external solutions Dave has been an XDS attendee sin......

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15 Jun 2022 | By XD Summit |

I’m Arthur, a French guy living in France and yes, as all my countrymen, I am a foodie I’ve been working at Ubisoft Procurement for 6 years, handling Production & Marketing External Services at HQ That includes basically any kind of service t......

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13 Jul 2022 | By XD Summit |

Melissa Lee is CEO at Massive Black, a multidisciplinary blue sky, creative studio specializing in IP development and research and design She has spent her career at Massive Black managing the creative development process and business development, wi......

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