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The Foundation of Play: XDS Partners with
The Power Of Play

As external development continues to advance year after year, XDS Gives Back returns to our roots by supporting a major foundation of play: the playgroundè

This year, we’re excited to share that XDS21 Adapt has partnered with Canadian-based non-profit organization, The Power of Play (TPOP). The organization builds sustainable playgrounds for children in need of a space to play in locations around the globe. They strive to create a safe, loving and fun environment that allows children to do what they do best — play!

With our pledge, TPOP is currently building a 52 x 22 meter playground in Nyarutovu, Mukingo, Rwanda. In its 10-year expected lifespan, this playground will be able to reach at least 16,800 children with ages ranging from 3.5-14 years. This playground is designed by the local children themselves, with all elements sourced sustainably from recycled materials.

XDS Advisory Committee Chair, Chris Wren shares,

Of all the charitable donations we have made through the years, bringing fun and social connection to children in need is of the highest moral importance. TPOP is on a remarkable mission and we are honored to have the opportunity to play a part.


Founder and CEO, Reza Marvasti says,

We’re excited about this partnership that will allow us to let kids be kids. Play is not a luxury privilege for some, it is a right for all!

Play not only has a vital role in the development of a child, but it is their right as declared in the United Nations Article 31. The Power Of Play focuses on children living in conditions that have stripped away this right, and commits to bring joy and happiness back into their lives. When it comes to the life of a child, there is no such thing as ‘too much play’!

To learn more about The Power Of Play and what they do, visit thepowerofplay.ca