XDS Webinar Series

Offering diverse sessions from a Publisher/Developer, or Service Provider perspective, these quarterly XDS Webinar Series helps foster a year-round contribution to the advancement of external development for the video game industry.

Each 1-hour long webinar offers invaluable insights from a seasoned professional. After speaking, we open up the floor to questions and discussions with the rest of the registered attendees.

To see what it’s like, head over to our XDS channel on YouTube for our past webinars.

XDS Webinar Series: Let’s Talk About Crunch
11 May 2021 | By XD Summit | Webinars

Recent events have put a spotlight on the negative impacts "crunch" can have in the world of external developm...

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XDS Webinar Series: Airtable Database Automations and Scripting
14 Apr 2021 | By XD Summit | Webinars | Knowledge

In this tools demo, Grayson Chalmers, Sr Outsource Manager with Wildlife Studios covers the new Airtable autom...

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XDS Webinar Series – Edition 7: Part Two – How to do Business Development During a Pandemic
25 May 2020 | By XD Summit | Webinars | Knowledge

We continue the XDS webinar series with those highly experienced in their roles discussing the important subje...

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